It's a good feeling to have such happy campers stay with us, here is what a few of our lovely guests had to say...

You made our event and flowers seem nowhere near enough in return.
— Travel and Events Director | EVT Marketing
Just a short email but a big THANK YOU for everything you did over the weekend. AMAZING.
The client is receiving great feedback about the whole event, so thank you for playing such a big part in it.
— Director | Campbell and Co
The Wildernest team did a fabulous job... These things don’t happen by accident and your personal commitment to our event ensured that our people had a festival they will remember long after the ‘ordinary’ conferences have faded.
— CEO | Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Limited
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for a wonderful overnight camping experience. Both campsites were absolutely gorgeous.
— President & CEO | Jeep Jamboree USA
Absolutely fabulous, no idea what the weather was doing as our little tent was so insulated, loved the goody bag and the comfortable mattress. Will return next year so save me a spot!
— Vickie. womad 2014
Excellent venue, wonderful experience being able to wander down to listen to the music and back at any time we pleased. Beds very comfortable and lots of space. Would come back again but it’s a long way from UK. Anita could not have been more helpful.
— Tricia & Ian, Womad 2014
Glamping in the Totara Dell at WOMAD was fabulous. Peaceful, charming, loads of tui. The tents are so comfortable, the staff so welcoming and the facilities top notch. Just to wander down the track to the venue (and all the amazing music) was sublime. We even came back each afternoon for a little drinks party at the Glamp between gigs!
— Helen, Clare & Bixie - Womad 2014
Loved every minute of it, great tents, great lounge area, clean, hot showers, flushing loos, access to good coffee, see you next year….
— Sandy & Luke, WOMAD 2014
Loved Glamping - think I might be hooked. Concierge on arrival was great, treat bag with slippers and toiletries was also a nice touch. Loved the clean toilets and showers - just for Glampers. Also nice chill out area with coffee and tea and place to charge your phone. Loved the entire experience - I’ll be back!
— Trish McClean - Womad 2013
loved Glamping-the arrival ,the Glade,the tuis,comfy bed and cosy listening to the rain on the tent roof,the chandalier and particularly the lounge area where you could chat with other glampers and recharge your camera and phone.Well thought out Would definitely do again
— The Robertsons - Womad 2013
A great weekend, of very glamorous Camping, so close to the Womad festival. We had a great time, thanks a lot, Cheers.
— Donald, Cathy, Tom and James, WOMAD
We were greeted so warmly and everything was as comfortable as promised. A really beautiful location and layout. We’d do it again!
— Maria Konings, Womad
Wildernest - you rock! The venue and the people and the wedding were amazing but your tents, ingenuity and friendly, relaxed care of us added hugely to the experience! Especially those early morning coffees Thanks so much!

— Vicki Cotton - Janie & Gregs Wedding
WOMAD was 10 times better thanks to Anita and the Glamping experience. We will definitely do this again and again. We loved the hot showers and breakfast burritos. The charging stations for iPad was brilliant. Also we glampers were the only attendees who did not mind the rain while ensconced in our dry waterproof nests. Let it pour! Please send us an advance invite for next year.
— Kimberly & Michael - Womad 2013
Wildernest were fantastic!! Soooooo helpful, solved any problems, and just went out of their way to make things happen. The facilities were just terrific!! We’ll go glamping with Wildernest any time!!
— Annette Milligan - WOMAD
Had a fantastic time. Almost didn’t go thanks to the dire weather reports. So glad we did! I miss our tent already. See you next year!
— Mike & Jenna - Womad 2014
Brilliant concept, great people, very professional presentation. Definitely the only way to do WOMAD and highly recommended for all occasions where guests comfort is the priority. A unique experience! Thanks for everything and all the best for the future.

— Bobbie Poll - Womad 2013
Glamping was just the best experience ever. I’m not a camper by any definition, but the Wildernest team took great care of us. What a wonderful experience.
— Jaz - Womad 2013
We loved sleeping in our tent under the trees in the rain.... the friendly helpers, wonderful atmosphere, hot steaming showers, and as soon as we got home, we sat outside and wished we were still in the Wildernest. Thank you for all the care and attention to detail, see you next year!
— Elizabeth & Marc Soljak - Womad 2013
Glamping with Wildernest has ruined normal camping for us - we’re stuck on Glamping for life now! The facilities were top notch, the staff lovely, the lounge area provided welcome quiet shade, the beds provided a great nights sleep, the cocktail party was great socializing, and the charging station was an absolute godsend. The location was surprisingly quiet, considering it was in the middle of everything, it was our lovely oasis of calm. We’ll be buying our Glamp spot for 2016 the day they get released!
— Ruth - Splore 2014
Great setup.
The tent was amazing, super comfortable and spacious. Loved the chandelier.
Being able to open the whole bottom part of the tent was really handy to get the wind through.
Service was great, everyone was really nice and willing to help.
iPhone charging station was super handy!
— Erik & Lucy - Splore 2014
tautoko!! la toda!! nga mihinui - mahi he tangata - kapai!!
— Roxane - Womad 2014
Glamping was the perfect way to do WOMAD.Great setting , helpful friendly people , birdsong all around...just fantastic.Will do WOMAD again and will bring more friends too !!
— Steve Evens - Womad 2013
Thank you team for a fantastic experience! Loved the setting, the set-up and the little luxuries! The glade, the Tui, the sun, the rain, a great crowd of fellow glampers - all added to a perfect experience! Thank you for all your hard work in the background, for the friendly service, for toilets and showers that were kept clean at all times, and for always going the extra mile no matter what! Highly recommended!!!
— Petra Samland - Splore 2013
Thank-you to the whole team, Splore was an epic event and the Glamping was the cherry on top. Such a lovely, friendly and helpful team at Wildernest - we’ll definitely be back, can’t wait! x
— Natty - Splore 2014
What a blast! Glamping made it an awesome experience! felt very spoilt having access to hot showers.
— Wayz - Splore 2014
Thanks so much Anita ,our second time Glamping at Splore was amazing ,The tents are awesome and really comfy beds will book again for sure ,Thanks again
— Matt and Laileen, Splore Festival 2014
Glamping made Womad for us, perfect location, wicked setup,everyone friendly & helpful . We are coming back. Many thanks for looking after us so well
— Brendon, Nicole & Geogre - Womad 2013